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Abnormal Loads

We have a vast number of years’ experience handling a range of abnormal and long loads within the haulage and transport industry. From turbines to modular homes, our teams have in depth knowledge of the industry with links to all the major producers and fabricators. If you require safe, reliable transport for your own abnormal and loads, hiring a reputable haulage contractor is the best option.

When it comes to unusually heavy or otherwise abnormal loads, you want a specialist haulage company with a strong reputation for getting even the trickiest consignment. At Middlebrook Transport Ltd, we have a track record of doing just that, with our abnormal load transportation services. With up to 70 extendible trailers we have one of the largest fleets in the country and are able to transport long loads in excess of up to 25 metres long.

What is an Abnormal Load?

An abnormal load is a consignment that cannot be broken down into smaller parts for transportation without extra expense or the risk of damage. An abnormal load can include height, wide, heavy and long loads.

Abnormal loads which require additional permits or planning are those in which:

  • The length exceeds 18.75m
  • The width exceeds 2.90m
  • The weight exceeds 44 tonnes
  • There are no rules regarding height, but as the minimum height of an unmarked bridge is 5.0m, loads should not exceed an all up height of 4.9m

Depending on what your abnormal load is you may require some or all of the following for transportation:

  • Specialist trailer / truck
  • Highways England permits such as VR1 or BE16
  • Notification of local authorities and/or bridge authorities
  • Private escort

All of our drivers at Middlebrook Transport Ltd have achieved DCPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) and trained to a high standard of abnormal and long load configuration and restraint systems and have undertaken a DCPC approved Safe Loading and Restraint course.

To find out how we can help your business, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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